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No Bullying at Irwin County Elementary School

 Irwin County Elementary School 4th and 5th Grade students learn about bullying on Tuesday, October 8th. Percey Chastang from South Health District spoke to the students about the different types of bullying, why people bully, and ways to stop bullying.  Mr. Chastang told the students the best way to stop bullying is to tell a teacher or another adult about it and by not letting your friends or relative be bullied. The students should support the one that is bullied and not laugh when someone bullies. We all can stand up to stop bullying now.  The Anti-Bullying Program was sponsored by Irwin County Family Connection, South Health District, and Irwin County Elementary School.

Anti-Bullying Program Irwin Co. Elementary School Oct.8, 2013 002

Anti-Bullying Program Irwin Co. Elementary School Oct.8, 2013 008


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Snapshot of Irwin County

Snapshot of Irwin County

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