Success Stories

                                    Family Connection at the State Capitol

On February 23, 2017, Georgia Family Connection Partnership staff and Family Connection regional chairs and co-chairs (State Peer to Peer Advisory Council members) meet with many state legislators at the state capitol. It was a busy and exciting day at the capital talking to the senators, representatives, and First Lady Deal. The Family Connection group thanked the legislators for their support and gave the legislators data on their regions.


             3rd Grade Students Dictionary Celebration—Words of Wisdom

On Wednesday, September 9th, the morning was full of excitement at Irwin County Elementary School as all the 3rd grade students received their very own dictionaries. Irwin County Family Connection and the Ocilla Rotary Club collaborate each year to provide the dictionaries.

Irwin County Family Connection members want to thank the Ocilla Rotary Club for providing the funds for the dictionaries to assist the students in reaching their educational goals.

Pictured: Irwin County 3rd grade students and teachers, Ocilla Rotary Club members: Betty Metts, Pam Barry, Bill Causey, Howell Taylor and Wesley Paulk,  and Irwin County Family Connection executive director, Laverne McConico.

Dictionary Project Picture 2


                                            The Annual Career Expo Job Fair

The Career Expo Job Fair brought many area people seeking jobs from area businesses and finding out about different careers from several college representatives. Some of the attendees even applied for jobs at the Fair. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, Colony Business Association, Irwin County Family Connection, Fitzgerald Ben Hill County Chamber of Commerce, and the Ocilla Chamber of Commerce joined together to sponsor the Eleventh Annual Career Expo Job Fair. The Career Expo was held on Thursday, March 24, 2016, at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, in Fitzgerald, Georgia.

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Irwin County Middle and High Schools 2014 Teen Maze

April 1st and 2nd, 2014, life lessons were learned as students had some tough days at Irwin County Middle and High School. One 9th grade student got arrested and put in jail. He got his girl friend pregnant and had to drop out of school. He also took two jobs to support his new family.

None of this happened, but the student along with his classmate learned some of the things they will encounter everyday as adolescents. By the teenagers facing the dangers of life in the maze, hopefully they will be prepared to resist  bad behaviors and the consequences that go with it.

Irwin county Middle and High Schools, Irwin County Family Connection, and Irwin County FCCLA and a host of professional volunteers performed the Teen Maze event  for the second year in the high school gym. The students started out the day watching a realistic video of a teenager texting while driving with the horrifying aftermath of it. Afterward, the groups of youth went through the maze with the stops having possible difficulties in life. In the maze, some students got STD and learned about safe sex and abstinence. Some students got AIDS or died during child birth and attended their own funerals with real pastors reading their eulogies. Other students managed to go through the maze with little harm and were able to graduate from the maze with cap and gowns on and their pictures taken. .

Thank you to everyone who sponsored and donated to the Teen Maze with includes Irwin County Family Connection, Irwin County Middle and High Schools, Irwin County Board of Education, Irwin County FCCLA, Irwin County After School Tutoring Program, Irwin EMC Foundation, South Health District, Chicken Delight, Chick-fil-A, Children’s World, Harveys, Operation Save Our Youth, Polar Beverages, and Premium Waters.

Laverne McConico, executive director of Irwin Irwin County Family, thank everyone who help make the Teen Maze a success. “You have truly demonstrated the true meaning of collaboration.” “With everyone working together, the 2014 Teen Maze made a great impact on he students at Irwin County Middle and High Schools. The students of Irwin County Middle and High Schools will be forever grateful for your caring attitudes, patience, and diligence in the Teen Maze endeavor.”

IMG_0664  Irwin Co. Teen Maze Picture 4