About Us

Georgia Family Connection is statewide initiative that cultivates public and private collaboration at the local level. Family Connection promotes healthy and academically successful children, and stable families that build strong communities. We are county Collaboratives located in all 159 Georgia counties and are committed to improving conditions for the children and families in Georgia. The Georgia Family Connection network is the ONLY statewide network of its kind in the nation which consists of Collaboratives in all 159 Georgia counties.
Irwin County Family Connection Collaborative goal is improved conditions for the children and families in Irwin County. Organized in 1998, Irwin County Family Connection Collaborative, a division of Georgia Family Connection Partnership, incorporated and received non-profit status (501c3) in 2004. Our FREE membership includes business and educational leaders, local elected officials and law officials, faith-based and civic organizations, public and private service providers, family members, and concerned citizens.


The collaborative serves as the local decision-making body for Irwin County Family Connection and works to improve results for Irwin County children and families.


We continue the process of working towards our goal of improved conditions for children and families in Irwin County. We plan to achieve this goal by working with you and the community on the strategies to work with partners to improve Irwin County’s families self-sufficiency and to work with the school system and parents to improve school success.

Our desired outcomes are to  increased families self-sufficiency and increased school success.

Connecting Resources, and Empowering Families and the Community